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Недвижимость в Фетхие

 At galance Fethiye

Fethiye - Muğla is one of the most beautiful and important holiday resort of Egean part of Turkey. Crystal  blue waters and wonderful beaches attracts many tourists to this holiday town in Muğla. Fethiye is a town of Muğla city at the west side of Turkey.

One of the most important place to see is Ölü Deniz. Ölü Deniz  means dead sea casue of calm water at the sea. Ölü deniz is 13 km to Fethiye town center. It is one fo the most beautiful beach in the world.  Ölü Deniz Blue Lagoon is children friendly beach that the sea is very shallow for long distance. Belce Kız Beach is also in Ölüdeniz that you may visit.

Kelebekler Vadisi or the valley of butterfly is famous bach and well know camping area in Turkey. It is totally under protection by state.

Kayaköy is also a place to see in Fethiye that it is few kilometers distance to Hisarönü area. Kayaköy was an old rum village that it was emtied 1923 at the time of population exchange between Turkey and Greece.

There are so many thing to do  and to see in Fethiye. Lycian way attracts a lot of bushwalk lovers.

Fethiye is close to Dalaman Airport and it’s 54km.  Fethiye is 210 km to Antalya airport.

IDEAL Real Estate International has started to sell properties in Fethiye by 2018. For long time we were getting requests to buy Property in Fethiye by foreigners and Turkihs people who lives in abroad and Turkey.  We have extended our Property network in Fethiye as well. We are going to update the properties in Fethiye which we sell at our website. You will see time by time apartments for sale in Fethiye, sea view villas in Fethiye and the other real estate in Fethiye at IDEAL Real Estate website.

What are the most popular properties in Fethiye?

There are several locations and properties in Fethiye for sale. Those are Hisarönü apartments for sale, Calis Beach (Çalış Beach) properties for sale, Calis Beach Villas for sale, Ölüdeniz apartments and Villas for sale in Fethiye. In short time you will find much more in Fethiye for sale at our website.

If you want to know more about properties for sale in Fethiye and the fort he other real estates in Fethiye please contact to IDEAL Real Estate International by whatsapp, Viber and Telegram +90 506 658 9090 or mail to info@idealrealestate.com.tr

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Вилла у моря в Фетхие# 4211 

Эксклюзивная вилла на берегу моря на Рыцарском острове в Фетхие. Вилла имеет 360-гр вид на море, на острове есть собственный пляж и ресторан

Город Fethiye
Тип собственности Виллы
Планы этажей 6+1
Цена $1

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