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Luxury Project For Sale Apartment Kestel : # 7131 

Luxury Project For Sale Apartment Kestel.100s of properties and projects for sale in Alanya by IDEAL Real Estate

 Why Kestel properties are popular for home buyers and investors?


Kestel  is an elite suburb of Alanya, located between the areas of Tosmur and Mahmutlar neighborhoods. At the very beginning of the suburb, you are met by the river Dim, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea and provides you with access to mountain freshwater and salty seawater. Due to the fact that in the Kestel neighborhood, you will not find houses higher than 5 floors, you always have a beautiful view from the window of the evergreen Taurus Mountains and the expanses of the Mediterranean Sea. It is important to note that all properties are within walking distance from the sea.

Kestel residents can enjoy sandy beaches with a smooth entry into the water. The neighborhood is famous for its calmness and silence, but it is noteworthy that the center of Alanya can be reached in 10 minutes, an advantage for club lovers and nightlife lovers. All the necessary infrastructure is nearby: pharmacies, restaurants, grocery stores such as Migros, Bim, and A101, as well as Alaaddin University, college, Russian school, and kindergartens. For pleasant relaxation in the area, there is carting and a park alley along the Dim River. European architecture and special legislation regarding buildings no higher than 5 floors – ensure a stable increase in property prices in this area. This attracts investors and home buyers from different countries interested in their investments’ growth.

The beachfront project, designed by the world-famous designer Şafak Çak, is located in the Alanya Kestel region. The passage to the sea from our project, which will be built on an estimated area of ​​7 thousand m², is provided by both an underpass and an overpass.

Infrastructure of Luxury Project For Sale  Apartment Kestel:

  • Outdoor and Indoor Pool
  • Fitness Room
  •  Children’s play area
  •  Spa Center
  •  Massage Room
  •  Cinema room
  • Turkish bath
  •  Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Yoga Areas
  •  Open and Semi Covered Parking Lot
  •  Accessible for the disabled

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Сведения об имуществе# 7131 

НазваниеLuxury Project For Sale Apartment Kestel RSB
Тип собственностиКвартиры
СтатусНовое строительство
ГородАлания - Кестель
Расстояние до пляжа700 m
Расстояние до города1000 m
Расстояние до аэропорта45/125 km
Расстояние до магазинов100 m
Расстояние до гольф-площадки100 km
Планы этажей1+1, 2+1, 3+1
Размеры, начиная с56 m²
Размеры, по195 m²
Цены, начиная с€170.000
Цены, по€555.000

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