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Our services

Property Handover

IDEAL Real Estate will use their best endeavours to ensure that all works are carried out to a satisfactory standard. We will regularly monitor the construction of your property and keep you updated on the progress. At the stage of completion our company representatives will accompany you to your property and assist you in checking your property to ensure that all fixtures and fittings are completed to the specifications. 

Home Furnishing

Why not turn the tedious task of buying furniture, electrical appliances, kitchenware, curtains, lighting fixtures, linen and many other items into a fun and enjoyable experience?  Our Home Furnishing team will escort you free of charge to selected showrooms, and will be happy to advise you on ‘value for money’ deals. We will also secure generous discounts from these suppliers. Last but not least, we will make sure that every item you purchase is delivered to you safely in your absence.

Save time: By allowing us to guide you to our selected suppliers who are fully aware of the needs of IDEAL property owners.

Save money: By taking advantage of the generous discounts incorporated in our furnishing package deals

Eliminate risky purchases: By going directly to the well-established and reliable companies we recommend, who will ensure the delivery of every single item according to your requirements and specifications

Home Insurance

Our company will be happy to recommend an Insurance company to insure your property. We will arrange for the insurance agent to meet with you and provide you with a quote to suit your requirements. Insurance payments are paid yearly and you will be notified prior to renewal, if you wish to continue with your insurance you can simply arrange a direct transfer from your bank account to the insurance company.

Airport Transfers

IDEAL Real Estate is able to arrange airport transfers from the airport for you or any of your guests to your property at any time. We use a licensed transport company who are registered for all public transfers. All you need to do is notify us a few days before your arrival with your flight details and number of passengers and we will send you a quote and confirm your transfer arrangements.

Car Rentals

If you would like to rent a car during your stay in Turkey, we will be happy to help you rent a suitable car for your needs. We work closely with reputable car rental companies and can secure you a competitive rate for car rental. Please email us with your requirements and we will make all the arrangements.

Home Cleaning 

We offer cleaning services upon your request if you do not want to start your holiday in your second home by cleaning the very first day of your arrival.