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Mortgage for foreigners In Turkey
Foreign people can easly mortgage in Turkey and IDEAL Real Estate serves the It’s clients for free.

I am foreigner and I would like to get a loan from Turkish Bank, is it possible?
Yes, It is possible from few banks.

Is it hard to get mortgage in Turkey for the foreigners?
No it is not hard. It is very easy to have mortgage in Turkey.

What kind of documents necessary to apply for a mortgage in Turkey?

  • Tax identity number (The applicant shall apply to local tax Office in Turkey and get tax number). It is also necessary to open bank account in Turkey.
  • Copy of title deed (tapu) of the object that will be bought.
  • Copies of Passports.
  • Income statement for employees signed by the employer.
  • Bank statements declaring the income (not older than 3 months)
  • An appraisal report of the Property ( Expert will arrange it by Bank)
  • An invoice which shows your adress back home country ( electric, water, gas etc)

What is the interest rate at the moment for the mortgage in Turkey?
It is montly 0,60 for 120 months and 0,65 for 60 months.

How much percent of price of the property foreigners can loan in Turkey?
Foreigners can loan up to %50 of experts valuation of the Property.

Which Bank IDEAL Real Estate corporates regarding bank loan in Turkey?
IDEAL Real Estate recommeds Kuveyt Turk Bank in Turkey.

How can I get help from IDEAL Real Estate to get mortgage in Alanya?

  • We do serve to our clients for free to get loan from Turkish Bank (Kuveyt Turk).
  • We help you to open Bank account and get loan from the bank.
  • More than welcome..

Mortgage Application

-Please visit our office or call 0090 242 5191190 for mortgage applications and detailed information.

Please contact us for further details and mortgage application.

*IDEAL Real Estate Services are not financial advisors and strongly recommend that clients seek independent financial advice prior to making any investment. Real Estate values can go down as well as up and past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.