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Annual Expenses of owning property in Turkey

Property tax (Emlak Vergisi)

App. 0,1% of the property value declared by the local municipality (to be paid before the end of May each year).

In most cases annual property ta­x of a 2 bedroom apartment in Alanya Region is app. 100 Euro.


Energy cost per kwh:
App. 0,0930 Euro (December 2007 including VAT and diverse taxes)


Water cost per m3:
Approx. 0,60 Euro (Excluding VAT and diverse taxes)


Cost per unit:
App. 0.039 Euro, Standard Tariff. 

Monthly rental:
App. 7.20 Euro, Standard Tariff.

Unit period (province):
60 Seconds

Telephone Tariffs include VAT (% 18), exclude SCT (%15)

Please visit www.turktelekom.com.tr  for further information on Telephone..