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Frequently Asked Questions


I would like to buy a property in Alanya. Can you please arrange an inspection trip to Alanya for us? What is the condition of your Property Inspection Trip to Turkey?

  • We can arrange a custommade property inspection trip to Turkey for free. You may decide the time. We think that 3 nights are enough to view the area and properties in Alanya.
  • We arrange the airport transfer to Alanya. It is for free.
  • We arrange the accomodation. It is usually a half board hotel at the Cleopatra Beach in Alanya ( Breakfast and Dinner included). Hotel is for free.
  • We do give all information regarding the area, properties in Turkey, rules and regulations about buying property in Turkey etc.
  • In case you choose and buy a property in Alanya, we pay back your flight ticket expenses up to 150 Euro per person.
  • IDEAL inspection trip is meant to be a “ Property inspection in Turkey”. It is not a free holiday trip. We expect good intention and honest interest from our clients regarding inspection trip to Alanya.

What do I have to bring to buy a Property in Alanya?

  • We need your passport , thats all.

Is it possible to buy the same Property in Alanya with my wife and kids on the same title deed?

  • Yes It is possible. There is no limit about number of persons to register on the title deed.

Can I buy a Property in Turkey on my children’s name?

  • Yes you can buy and register the title deed (Tapu) on your children’s name.

Can any foreign person open a bank account in Turkey?

  • Yes, any person can open easily a bank account in different currencies in Turkey.

What should I bring to open a bank account in Turkey?

  • An invoice from the country you live permanently which shows your address. It may be an electric, water, gas, phone invoice.
  • A Turkish tax number given by the Turkish tax Office. ( We do help to obtain it)
  • A copy of your passport.

After I open the bank account in Turkey, what can I do with my Turkish Bank account?

  • The Bank system is very developed in Turkey. You can have internet banking and debit card. You can subscribe electricity, water, internet, mobil phone or any invoice to your debit account.

Can I have a bank loan in Turkey?

  • Yes you can have a bank loan in Turkey ( Our company help you to get it)

What kind of documents are necessary to loan in a Turkish bank

  • Documents which shows your income paper, or your bank statements. Passport copy. Address document from your home country. Tax number in Turkey. Title deed copy of your properties.

How much can I loan from a Turkish Bank?

  • You can loan up to %50-%65 of the property’s value stated by a bank expert.

Who is IDEAL Real Estate and Construction, where and when was it founded?

  • The IDEAL Real Estate and Construction company was established in Alanya in 2004. It is registered under the 10195 profession number and 10189 registration number in the Alanya Chamber of Commercy and Industry. The IDEAL Real Estate and Construction is a tax payer under the no. 5300200368 in the Alanya Tax Office. Our address is Atatürk Bulvarı no. 81, 07400 Alanya, Antalya, Turkey.

What does the IDEAL Real Estate and Construction company do?

  • IDEAL Real Estate and Construction with its headquarter in Alanya is active in selling and promoting properties in Alanya, Side, Belek, Antalya, Kemer, Bodrum and Istanbul. The majority of its clients consist of foreign property investors in Turkey.
  • Investment consultancy
  • Construction of apartments and villas in Alanya
  • Safe delivery of properties in Turkey and further quality service provided to foreign property investors and summer home seakers in Turkey.
  • Buying and selling apartments in Alanya

Who works in IDEAL Real Estate and Construction and which markets does the company serve?

  • In the main office of IDEAL Real Estate and Construction a team of 15 people works. All the employees work full time and legally. The company serves in over 10 countries and its representatives can provide service in native languages of those countries. IDEAL Real Estate and Construction also cooperates with local agents in Sweden, Russia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Finland, England, Kazakhstan and other countries primarily in Europe.

What are the working principles of IDEAL Real Estate and Construction?

  • The basic rule of any activities of the IDEAL Real Estate and Construction company is “honesty, morality and legality”.
  • To do all work on time and properly is our priority
  • Not only selling properties in Turkey but making satisfied home owners from our clients is our mission

What are the contact details of IDEAL Real Estate and Construction?