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Bursa at Glance

Where is Bursa in Turkey?

Bursa, formerly Brusa, original name is Prusa. The City called in Turkey as green Bursa. It is situated along the northern foothills of Ulu Dağ (the ancient Mysian Olympus) at Norht-west of Turkey. Approximately 3 Millions of people live in Bursa and the city is near Marmara sea. It is at opposite of Istanbul.

Why Bursa is populer?

First of all Bursa is green. That’s why Bursa is called green Bursa. Iskender Kebab is very delicious and popular in nation wide from Bursa. Chestnuts are also from Bursa. It is a kind of candy dessert. Inegöl köfte is national wide famous food in Turkey. Skiing is popular in Bursa that Uludağ is the most famous ski center in Turkey. On the other hand Bursa was the capital city of Ottoman  and there are several places to see in Bursa. You may find nice hotel with spa in Bursa.

How is the climate in Bursa?

The climete in Bursa is warm and mild. Bursa gets more rain in winter than summer time. Avarage warmt is 13.6. The weather is near Marmmara sea mild and through the mountain Uludağ getting stronger.

Why should I buy Property in Bursa?

  • Nice weather conditions
  • Green city
  • Easy acces to come to Bursa from Istanbul
  • Properties in Bursa realitively more economic than Istanbul Properties.
  • Near the sea and sea view properties in Bursa.
  • People are kind western type of conservative
  • There are many places  to go and to see


What kind of real estate in Bursa I can buy?

  • You can buy simple apartment in Bursa
  • You can buy Villa in Bursa
  • You an you apartment in complex in Bursa.
  • You can built your house in Bursa as well.


How can I get Bursa from Istanbul?

There are no trains from Istanbul to Bursa, and taking a bus all the way around the Sea of Marmara takes hours through heavy traffic, so you’ll probably end up traveling by fast catamaran ferryboat.

Istanbul – Bursa Passenger Ferries

Two companies operate fast passenger-only ferries between Istanbul’s Kabataş docks and Bursa docks:

BUDO Ferries (Mudanya)

BUDO (Bursa Deniz Otobüsleri) runs ferries between Istanbul (Kabataş) and Bursa (Mudanya). More…

İDO Ferries (Güzelyalı)

İDO (İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri) operates ferries between Istanbul (Kabataş) and Bursa (Güzelyalı). More…

Istanbul – Bursa Car Ferries

Fast car ferries depart Istanbul’s Yenikapı Feribot Terminalı daily for two ports on the south shore of the Sea of Marmara from which you can easily make your way to Bursa.

Bursa (Güzelyalı) Car Ferry

The two or three daily ferries take about 90 minutes to cross the Sea of Marmara from Istanbul to Güzelyalı. You continue by yellow city Bus 1-GY or taxi to the Bursaray (Bursa’s metro system) Emek station to take a train to the city center.More…


What is the time table for ferry from Istanbul to Bursa?

Istanbul – Bursa Ferryboats, Turkey

Two companies, BUDO (Bursa Deniz Otobüsleri) and İDO(İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri) operate fast catamaran passenger ferries across the Sea of Marmara between Istanbul‘s Kabataş docks and Bursa (map) in about 2 hours. Both are municipal companies owned by their respective city governments.

Each offers between 4 and 8 voyages daily in each direction, depending on the day of the week (Saturday has fewest) and season of the year.

There are snack bars serving snacks, sandwiches, hot beverages and soft drinks on board the vessels.

Buying Tickets Online

Important! If you buy your ticket online by credit card, you musthave that same credit card and your PNR (ticket reservation code) with you at the dock to print your ferry ticket!

1. BUDO: Eminönü/Sirkeci – Mudanya

Bursa Deniz Otobüsleri (BUDO) operates at least 7 voyages daily between Istanbul’s Eminönü and Sirkeci docks and Bursa’s Mudanya docks. More…

The BUDO website shows seat availability, so even if you can’t succeed in making a reservation online, you can see if a voyage is already sold out. If it is not, you can try going to the Eminönü and Sirkeci docks, ready to travel, 30 to 60 minutes before departure time. In most cases, you should be able to get on the boat.

2. İDO: Yenikapı – Güzelyalı

Fast İDO car ferries speed between Istanbul‘s Yenikapı docksand Güzelyalı, just east of Mudanya and 30 km (19 miles) northwest of Bursa on the south shore of the Sea of Marmara. İDO car ferries travel connect the Istanbul docks at Yenikapı and Pendik with Yalova, from which buses take you to Bursa. More…

Unfortunately, buying tickets for İDO boats can be a time-wasting challenge, and you may not be able to buy tickets at all. More…

From Ferry Dock to Central Bursa

After debarking at Güzelyalı or Mudanya, look for yellow city Bus 1-F or 1-GY (TL2.50) which will take you in 20 or 30 minutes to the Emek İstasyonu terminus of the Bursaray (Bursa‘s Metro Line M1; TL2.50), from which it’s another 25- to 35-minute ride to the city center station of Şehreküstü. More…

From Bursa, you can catchan onward bus to anywhere in the Aegean region (map), and indeed anywhere in Turkey.

Transport Informtaion is taken from: https://turkeytravelplanner.com/trans/Ship/ist_bursa_fy.html


Why IDEAL Real Estate sale apartment in Bursa (or Villa?)

IDEAL Real Estate is leading real estate and cosntruction company in Turkey. IDEAL is the member of TTPP ( The Turkish Property Professionals). We have got several requests to buy Property in Bursa, so that we have been dealing with save and secure constructor companies in Bursa and safe real estate agents in Bursa. We finaly have started to sale Property in Bursa.

For more information about properties in Bursa please contact to our company by mail: info@idealrealestate.com.tr or  by IMO- Viber-Telegram-Whatsapp on +90 506 658 90 90 Our agents will contact you in 24 hours time.

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