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Bostäder till salu i Spanien




1. Buy a property in Spain because Spain’s beach length is over 8000 km.

2.  The production of olive is high in Spain. 44% of the world’s olive oil is produced in Spain. You can buy a villa with garden and produce your own healthy, organic olives and even sell them.

3. Spain’s genuine art form of dance is Flamenco. If you are in favor of “Sea,Sun,Fun” then you are at the right place. Buy your dream home in Spain and enjoy the rhythm of Flamenco dance in Spain.

4. The world’s most spoken second language is Spanish. The most preferred second language to learn in Europe and in the United States is Spanish. If you invest your money on buying a house in Costa Blanca in Spain you will have the easiest way of learning and speaking Spanish.

5. Bull fighting is counted as a sport in Spain. No other country in the world counts Bull fighting as a sport. Spain is the most preferred Hotpoint in Europe. Get a overseas home and enjoy the bullfight events in Costa Blanca in Spain.

6. Spain is the heaven of Vegetables and Fruits. Fresh and organic; avocadoes, potatoes, tomatoes, cacao, cucumbers etc. are exported to many European countries from Spain. So purchase an apartment in Costa Blanca and enjoy the endless variety of healthy vegetables and fruits.

7. Spain is also the land of endless Freedom. “Same sex marriage” is legal in Spain since 2005. And there is no law for “Public nudity” in Spain. So snap up a holiday dream house with sea view in Spain and start to live your freedom in Spain.

8. Of course not to mention the fierce competitors: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Spain is also the country for football fanatics; football is like a religion to Spanish people. Possess a detached house in Costa Blanca and enjoy the football matches in its real place with all its spirit and enthusiasm.

9. There are less cloudless days in Costa Blanca than almost any other city in Europe. Sun is vital for our bodies. It gives us happiness and enthusiasm to live our entire life. Without sun you will get into depression. In Nordic countries people purchase special, artificial “Sun Lamps” with high costs; just to get the vital effects (vitamin “D”) of “Sun”.  Feel the sun in your skin by purchasing a house in the Sunny Costa Blanca with pool, beach and  a beautiful sea view.



10. Spain is also an intellectual country it has many famous artists, actors like; tennis player Rafael Nadal, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Enrique Iglesias, Antonio Banderas, Miguel Cervantes, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali. There are many touristic attraction places, museums as well as castles, monuments to visit. The third most visited country in the world in 2013 is Spain. 75 million people visited Spain in 2016. It’s a safe and cheap country compared to other European countries.  Buy a villa or an apartment in Costa Blanca and enjoy the ancient history of Spain.

11. Festivals in Spain, are another reason to invest money on a house in Costa Blanca. Enjoy being chased by bulls during the festival of San Fermin, watch huge statues being burnt during “Las Fallas” festival, during “La Tomatina” festival throw overripe tomatoes to each other. Grab a sunny holiday property in Costa Blanca to experience all of these unique festivals.

12. The world’s fourth highest life expectancy is in Spain with 82.8 years on average. So don’t hesitate to buy a house in Costa Blanca and live healthy and happy forever.

13. In 2013, Spain started its “Golden Visa” Programme. With an investment to buy a real estate in Costa Blanca in Spain with a value of €500,000; you and your family gains “Residency permit” in Spain. Obtain a house in Costa Blanca and get the opportunity to get the citizenship of Spain.

14. Spain is also rich in Religion and spiritually matters. %76 of the Spanish population is Roman Catholic. %2.3 is Islamic. So get a house and in Costa Blanca and live your religious spirituality in descent churches and mosques in Spain.


For more information about buying property in Spain, please contact to: info@idealrealestate.com.tr

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Punta Prima

Punta Prima bungalow forsale/Torreveija# 3859 

Furnished ground floor bungalow is for sale in Punta Prima in Torrevija. Residencial Egeo in Punta Prima is few minutes close to golf courses

Stad Costa Blanca - Torrevieja
Objekttyp Lägenheter och penthouselägenheter
Planlösningar 2+1
Pris €165.000

Objektbeskrivning »

Alamade Del Mar

Alameda del Mar apartment for sale# 3853 

2 bedroom Alameda del Mar apartment fo sale in Orihuela Costa. Furnished apartment in Orihuela Costa for sale with private garage.

Stad Costa Blanca - Orihuela Costa
Objekttyp Lägenheter och penthouselägenheter
Planlösningar 2+1
Pris €149.000

Objektbeskrivning »

Property for sale in Spain

Apartment forsale in Lomas de Cabo Roig# 3840 

2 bedrooms apartment for sale in Orihuela Costa area. Apartment in the complex and close to Golf courses.

Stad Costa Blanca - Orihuela Costa
Objekttyp Lägenheter och penthouselägenheter
Planlösningar 2+1
Pris €129.000

Objektbeskrivning »

Villa for sale in Spain Villa Martin

Villa in Villamartin for sale in Spain# 3834 

Modern designed Villas in Villamartin are close to golf courses Villamartin, Real Campoamor Golf Club and Las Ramblas Golf Course.

Stad Costa Blanca - Orihuela Costa
Objekttyp Villa
Planlösningar 3+1
Pris €279.900

Objektbeskrivning »


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