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Cleopatra Sellect Residence in Alanya : # 3437 

We have only two 2+1 apartments left for sale at Cleopatra select. Superb location in Alanya at Cleopatra Beach.

Cleopatra Sellect Apartment at Cleopatra Beach

  • Apartments at Cleopatra Beach are ready to move in by 2016
  • The complex has been situated in the heart of Alanya at Cleopatra Beach Area.
  • Walking distance to all amenities in Alanya city center.
  • Plot size of the complex is totally 3835 sqm.
  • Apartments in Alanya is 4 blocks of apartments and 5th floored.
  • Five years construction warranty for interior and exterior of building


Features of Apartment complex

  • Two swimming pool
  • water slides
  • children pool
  • Pool bar
  • Children play ground
  • Heated in-door pool
  • Jakuzzi
  • Fitness room
  • Table tennis
  • Sauna
  • Security gate
  • Internet in the common areas
  • Satellite dish
  • Power generator


If you want to have a really "nice located apartment in Alanya" do not miss to buy an apartment in Alanya from this complex. 

Q: Where is the price location of Alanya?

A: There are several places in Alanya as we can say nice locations but Cleopatra Beach area is the real prime location of Alanya. You can always easyly buy and sell property in Cleopatra in Alanya. On the other hand it is much easy to rent apartment at Cleopatra Beach in Alanya. Waling distance to Alanya center on a nice boulevard.


For more information about cleopatra sellect apartments and the other apartments for sale in Alanya, do not hesitate to contact us. Our agents will contact you in 24 hours time.





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Сведения об имуществе# 3437 

НазваниеApartments for sale at Cleopatra Beach in Alanya
Тип собственностиКвартира
СтатусСтроительство завершено
Год постройки2016
ТерриторияCleopatra Beach
Расстояние до пляжа250 m
Расстояние до города170 m
Расстояние до аэропорта125/40 km
Расстояние до магазинов50 m
Расстояние до гольф-площадки100 Km
Планы этажей1+1, 2+1, 3+1
Размер60 m²
Площадь195 m²
Цены, начиная с€139.000
Цены, по€149.000

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