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املاک برای فروش در ازمیر

At Glance Izmir

Izmir is the third biggest city of Turkey and called “Beautiful Izmir”. IDEAL Real Estate by 2017 has started to sell properties in Izmir.


Izmir is attractive for Turkish home buyers and as well as foreigners. Izmir is located at the westest side of Turkey and low humidity in summer times attracts the older retired people. On the other side local people in Izmir is always proud to be live in Izmir.

It is very easy to find sea view Villa in İzmir. When you drive a bit to cost line wonderful Villas in Izmir awaits you. As well as the Villas in Izmir, we can easy find and find apartments for sale in Izmir.


IDEAL Real Estate finds and recommends to you Villas and apartments in Izmir according to your budget.


Izmir is at the cost line of Aegean district of Turkey so that deserves to be explored and in particular, many enticing day trips present themselves along the coast of the Aegean Sea. Especially nearby is Bodrum, which boasts an attractive combination of beaches and history.  Well known turkish tourist destination Çesme is just 30 minutes from Izmir and known for its windsurfing and stunning coastal views.


At IDEAL web site you will find wide sellection of Izmir homes that Alacatı apartments, Cesme Villas and sea view properties in Izmir will be available.


Facts of Izmir

  • One of the biggest land mark is clock tower at Konak square
  • 4.223.545 people live in Izmir (2016)
  • Telephone code is +90 232
  • 855 square kilometres big city
  • Average daily Izmir January temperature: 12°C / 54°F
  • Average daily Izmir July temperature: 33°C / 91°F


Izmir is ne of the well know  touristic and historical city of Turkey. Let’s have a quick look at Izmir history:

İzmir (formerly known in English as Smyrna) is situated at the head of a long bay. With mountains in the Aegean region of western Anatolia stretching east to west, the river valleys from the Anatolian plateau leading to the Aegean Sea allow easy communication with a considerable hinterland. Due to these advantages, the city has been an important trading center over a long period of time: Its origins go back to the third millennium b.c.e., and it maintained its prominence during Hittite, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine domination.

During the fourteenth century, Izmir was held by the Turkish Aydin Beyliği (emi-rate), and when Aydin—like other Anatolian Turkish emirates—was incorporated into the rising Ottoman state around 1400, Izmir became an Ottoman city.

During the early nineteenth century, Izmir's European trade was disrupted first by the Napoleonic Wars and then, in the 1820s, by the war of Greek independence. However, beginning in the 1830s, industrializing Europe's demand for Anatolian raw cotton and wool soon restored trade. Dried fruits (raisins and figs), tobacco, olive oil, and animal hides were also exported at unprecedented levels. Its population increased considerably, as the city attracted not only foreigners but also an influx of population from both Anatolia and the Aegean islands. The first railroad to be built in Anatolia was laid between Izmir and Aydin to facilitate the exports of its rich hinterland.

Since the 1950s, Izmir has experienced a significant degree of industrialization, establishing strong automotive and food processing sectors and modernizing its traditional textile production. In 2002, it produced 13.5 percent of Turkey's gross domestic product and employed 9.7 percent of the country's total labor force. Izmir has grown faster than any other Turkish city except Istanbul; its population reached 3,370,866 in 2000. In addition to its commercial importance, Izmir serves as the focus of a hinterland rich in classical and Turkish cultural heritage. Among the nearby sites of importance are Ephesus, Pergamum, and Sardis. ( Source:http://www.encyclopedia.com/places/asia/turkey-political-geography/izmir, 29.04.2017, 12:36)

For more information about Izmir properties, Apartments and Villas in Izmir, do not hesitate to contact us. I believe the we can arrange properties in Izmir according to your budget. As well as apartments and Villas in Izmir, we may find plot in Izmir to built your own property.

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Vitalia Apartments for sale in İzmir# 5411 

What makes Vitalia Narlıdere the most indispensable aspect is the landscape it lives in...

شهر Izmir
نوع ملک Apartments and Penthouses
نقشه ساختمان 2+1, 3+1, 4+1
قیمت €152.500 - €538.500

توضیحات ملک »


MaxLife Sarmaşık Mansions for sale İzmir# 5404 

MaxLife Sarmaşık Mansions project is being constructed in İzmir Güzelbahçe Kahramandere Quarter as 3 blocks. There are 6 twin villas.

شهر Izmir
نوع ملک Semi-detached Villas
قیمت €450.000

توضیحات ملک »


Dap İzmir Residence # 5400 

Dap İzmir is located in the heart of the Bornova-Bayraklı-Alsancak Location, which is the highest premium region in İzmir.

شهر Izmir
نوع ملک Apartments and Penthouses
نقشه ساختمان 1+1, 2+1, 3+1
قیمت €66.000 - €226.000

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Alsancak apartment for sale 3 bedrooms# 4110 

Apartment in Alsancak forsale where the heart of social life and amusements. Furnished apartment is 20 Km close to Adnan Manderes airport.

شهر Izmir
نوع ملک Apartments and Penthouses
نقشه ساختمان 3+1
قیمت €2.300.000

توضیحات ملک »


2 Bedroom apartmens for sale in Izmir# 4101 

2 bedrooms Bornova Palmiye Park Renova apartment is for sale in Izmir. Apartment is located neay by Poınt Bornova, Ege university, Yaşar university.

شهر Izmir
نوع ملک Apartment
نقشه ساختمان 2+1
قیمت €105.000

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3 Bedroom apartmens for sale in İzmir# 4100 

3 bedrooms Bornova Folkar Life apartment is for sale in Izmir. Apartment is located neay by Hospıtal, park, Sohpping Center, cafe.

شهر Izmir
نوع ملک Apartment
نقشه ساختمان 3+1
قیمت €255.000

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Cesme hotel for sale

Boutique Hotel for sale in Cesme Izmir# 3747 

Ready boutique hotel is for sale in Cesme Izmir. Hotel is very well designed and near the sea. Hotel has two types room as villa and apart

شهر Izmir
نوع ملک Touristic Hotel for Sale
قیمت $4.000.000

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folkart tower office for sale

Folkart Tower office for sale in İzmir# 3727 

Folkart Tower office is for fale now in Bayrakli in izmir. Office is at 25. floor and the sales price is pretty good.

شهر Izmir
نوع ملک Commercial Real Estate
قیمت €430.000

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Property in Izmir

Property in Turkey >>Property in Izmir# 2267 

Property in Izmir is lately very popular by the second home buyer from abroad. You will see at IDEAL wesite properties in Izmir very soon.

شهر Izmir
نوع ملک Apartments
نقشه ساختمان 1+1, 2+1, 3+1

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