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ويلاي خصوصي با منظره دريا در بكتاش : # 5505 

ويلای مدرن با منظره دريا در بكتاش آلانيا براي فروش.عمارتی خصوصی دارای استخر با منظره دریا و جنگلی سبز. نزدیک به مرکز شهر آلانیا.

Sea View Villa for sale in Alanya at Bektaş Area.

  • Villas is duplex and has 4 bedrooms.
  • Private Villa well kept and cared for by the residence
  • There is a private pool
  • There are two different extra extensions at Villa. One of them is used as launch t outside. The other one is a resting area and a kind of storage.
  • There is another living area near the pool
  • The kitchen is extended with glasses.
  • Villa is rested to the forest so that you may use it privately.
  • Villa has a sea view and away from the city traffic, It is pretty close to Alanya city centre.


For more information about Sea view villa for sale in Bektaş - Alanya and the other villas for sale in Alanya Bektas area contact us by Viber-Telegram-Whatsapp-Imo on +90 506 658 90 90 or mail to info@idealrealestate.com.tr Our agents will contact you as soon as possible.

اطلاعات ملک# 5505 

نام ملکویلا فروشی در آلانیا بكتاش YU
نوع ملکVillas
وضعیتRe-sale (Preowned) Property
سال ساخته شده است2014
منطقهBektas Alanya Centre
فاصله تا ساحل8 Km
فاصله تا شهر8500 M
فاصله تا فرودگاه120/35 Km
نقشه ساختمان4+1
متراژ (m²)520 m²
طرح300 m²

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