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Lockdown in Turkey from April 29 to 17 May

Lockdown in Turkey from April 29 to 17 May

Turkey will enforce a full lockdown from Thursday evening until May 17 to stem the spread of coronavirus, the country’s president announced on Monday. Speaking to reporters following a three-hour Cabinet meeting in the capital Ankara, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said all workplaces will suspend their activities or shift to work-from-home models during the restrictions, except those excluded by the Interior Ministry such as food and manufacturing sectors.

“At a time when Europe is entering a phase of reopening, we must rapidly reduce our number of cases to less than 5,000 not to be left behind,” he said. “Otherwise we will face consequences in every field from tourism to trade and education.”

  • Cafes and restaurants will only offer delivery services, while chain supermarkets will be closed on Sundays.
  • All intercity travel will be subject to permission, whereas public transport will operate at 50% capacity.
  • Accommodation reservations do not provide an exception.
  • According to earlier COVID-19 measures, those with reservations were able to travel across cities. However, with the newly-introduced full lockdown, no one will be exempted from the curfew and travel restrictions, thus making their reservations invalid.
  • Face-to-face education at all institutions, including kindergartens and nurseries, would remain suspended and all exams would be postponed.
  • Before ticketing for people who will travel by public transportation such as plane, train, ship or bus within the specified period, the availability of a travel permit will be checked, and if a valid travel permit is available, ticketing will be made.
  • In order to ensure that the full-time curfew measure is also implemented in residential sites, the site management will be given responsibility, and people (especially children and young people) who go out without permission will be warned about returning to their residences.
  • During the curfew, special attention will be given to feeding stray animals, in this context, necessary coordination will be established with local governments, relevant public institutions and organizations by the Governor / District Governors, and necessary measures will be taken for feeding stray animals, for this purpose, parks, gardens, forests, especially animal shelters It will be ensured that food, feed, food and water are regularly released to the natural habitats of street animals such as street animals.
  • Our citizens, in the presence of the above-mentioned compulsory situations, provided that they document this situation; They will be able to travel on e-government, provided that they obtain permission from the Travel Permit Boards established within the Governorate / District Governorship over the E-APPLICATION and ALO 199 systems of the Ministry of Interior. Persons given a Travel Permit will be exempt from the curfew during their travel period.


We just want to remind you one more time that foreigners who has residence permit should also stay at home as Turkish people. They are not allowed to got out freely. On the other hand police will be more strict to check masks and  people who walk on the street  during curfew.

PhD. Yakup Uslu

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Source: https://www.visitalanya.com/full-closure-in-turkey-from-april-29-to-17-may/


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