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2020 Events Calendar in Alanya

2020 Events Calendar in Alanya

Alanya is one of the towns in Turkey which is the capital city of many events during the year. Alanya municipality has published the events calendar by January 2020 so that you may plan your holiday to Alanya.

Alanya municipality mayor Adem Murat YÜCEL said that Alanya is not only a popular tourists destination but also the capital city of Sport, Culture, Gastronomy and Hıstory in Turkey. We do organise more than 60 events and 18 of them are International. All the visitors can find different attraction in Alanya during the year. As we are Alanya municipality we will doe better every year. Here we are publishing the 2020 events calendar so that you can book your holiday according to events in Alanya.

As we are Visit Alanya, we have published the events in Alanya. Time by time we will upload the upcoming new events and more information about the events at posts which publish.

Hereby the events calendar of Alanya in 2020.


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