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What are the requirements to get turkish residence permit?

What are the requirements to get turkish residence permit?

Citizens all around the world may visit Turkey because there are no strict visa regulations but what should you do if you

want to stay or reside in Turkey more than your visa allowance. Let’s see what of documents do you need for short term

residence permit.

In order to stay in Turkey more than your visa allowance, you need a residence permit. Visitors who do not have a property or business in Turkey could stay 90 days from the day of the entrance but for a longer duration of stay, the applicant has to prepare documents and should visit Migration Directorate at the place of residence.

When you visit the Migration Directorate you need these documents:

  • Application form
  • Passport
  • Visa granted at consulates or customs
  • 4 photograph of the face with white background 5×6 cm dimensions
  • The bank account which shows the applicant has enough income for the duration of stay 500 USD per month of stay
  • Health insurance covering the duration of stay

At the end of the process, the applicant will be granted a residence permit up to two years. This regulation only applies for who want to reside in Turkey for tourism purposes.

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Prepared by Attorney Selimhan Cinas of Felix Legal

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