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Certificate of Professional Competence in Real Estate

Certificate of Professional Competence in Real Estate

 The education and examination program have been agreed to do with Ozgül Belgelendirme firm from Bursa by TTPP.

TTPP members have been informed about the examination style and necessity of the certificaion. Following two days the members of TTPP had 3 written examinations and one performance exaination. After the examinations TTPP member have deserved to get Certificate of Professional Competence in Real Estate in Turkey.

On the otherhand educations and Certificate of Professional Competence programmes are still going on by the end of May. The other members who have not complited their certicate will have educational meeting at 14:00 at Lumos Resort Hotel in Mahmutlar Alanya at 30th of May. TTPP members will have the examinations at 31st of May at AHEP ( Alanya Hamdullah Emin Paşa University) in Alanya.

History of MYB – Certificate of Professional Competence

According to new real estate law in Turkey which was published in June 2018, any person or company can not do real estate bussines in Turkey withoutCertificate of Professional Competence . Real estate agents must have the level-4 and real estate brokers must have the level-5 Certificate of Professional Competence untill end of 2019.

It means that when you are buying property or renting property in Turkey please ask from your real estate agents their Certificate of Professional Competence . If they do not have certificate they are working illegal.

If you want to have safe bussines in real estate sector in Tturkey, please work with legal companies with certifications. Do not work with restaurants waiters, hotel receptionists, taxi drivers, sales staff in the street. Probably you may never get your rights or may never find respondet in case of dispute.

You may kindly prefer TTPP (The Turkish Property Professionals) member of real estate companies in order to do right and legal work in Turkey.


Source: https://www.ttpp.eu/certificate-of-professional-competence-in-real-estate/

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