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Alanyaspor at Super League

Alanyaspor at Super League

 We wish the best for our team Alanyaspor as Visit Alanya Team.

If you want to watch the games alive, do not forget register and get one passolig card. There is no written tickets at the gate. You may buy the tickets online or load at the cards at the gate.

First get a passolig card. You can have it from FC management office in Alanya or visit https://www.passolig.com.tr/uye-ol

Second step is to buy the ticket. You can load the ticket on your card at the studium or better to buy before online on internet by floowing link https://www.passo.com.tr/en/common/test/find-match-tickets.aspx

Source: http://www.visitalanya.com/first-game-super-league-champion-besiktas-vs-alanyaspor/

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